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He spoke on top of her last words, “Germany is trying to save the world from them. They caused Germany to lose the last war.”

“How? Wait, I read a flyer once that enumerated the reasons Germany lost the war. It had footnotes to German documentation on what caused Germany to sue for peace. For instance, its allies were starving and their governments were falling apart.”

“We didn’t need Austria or Turkey.”

“Back in Germany, the women had turned against the war due to the loss of their menfolk, and because at the end even the pipes in their streets and ancient bells were melted down to be turned into bullets, etc.”

“That was just temporary. We were winning and moving westward across France.”

“Battles on the Western Front had gained only useless territory. When German soldiers tried to take something useful at Amiens, the British and French forces held.”

“The next wave would have broken through.”

“Starving soldiers aren’t as capable as you might think. With all the problems, there was really no room for anyone else, Jews or anyone, to add to the fact that Germany had lost, it was alone against the world at the end, no allies, no food, nothing left.”

“Jews were behind the strikes back home.”

“I’m sure there were some Jews among the strikers. But those strikes were just one of Germany’s problems.”

“And Jewish bankers were bleeding the government dry.”

“All the bankers, Jewish and Germans were doing the same things, pretty much writing off their losses.”


“German documents prove it all — wish I remembered the attributions but you would probably refuse to check them anyway. And the Americans were arriving with what seemed like unlimited additional manpower for the Allies. Meanwhile, Jews were fighting and dying for Germany, winning medals for valor, etc. And on the Eastern front, the local Jews there had welcomed the Germans, as they had suffered terribly under the Russians.”


“Strange how you accuse others of trying to dominate the world when everyone can see that that is exactly what Germany is doing. And then you accuse others of lying when Germany has made lying a major governmental office.”