Reasons Why Your Manuscript Got Rejected

Reasons Why Your Manuscript Got Rejected by Inkygirl on August 17, 2009

“At the SCBWI conference… Wendy Loggia’s keynote speech… focused on reasons she rejected manuscripts that were almost accepted but not quite ready.

“Wendy[,] executive editor of Delacorte Press… went through her binder of rejection letters and found that pretty much all the rejection reasons boiled down to seven points:

“1. Nice writing but no story. The characters are at the same emotional place at the end of the book as they were in the beginning. Wendy found that this was a common problem with authors’ first books. She says that having a good plot is essential. Ask yourself, ‘Why would a bookstore customer choose and buy this book?.

“2. The mss is too similar to other novels that the editor has worked on. Wendy warns authors against submitting books that are very similar to others on the editor’s list; you may be setting yourself up for a negative comparison, especially if the other book is very good. Even worse if the other book didn’t sell well.

“3. Your readership isn’t clear. Who will want to read your book? Your book is too ‘quiet’ or doesn’t have enough commercial appeal….”

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