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I have found each of these things particularly useful in gaining background information for this novel.

The North Africa Campaign

DVDs of World War II

Books of World War II

S.I.G. - Special_Interrogation_Group

Operation Agreement (September 13 & 14. 1942) An attempt to retake Tobruk to coordinate with several other attacks to destroy airfield and harbour installations and large oil stores and to recapture Jalo oasis. “The main attack on Tobruk suffered from poor planning and coordination.” One partwith amphibious landings resulted in “Losses were about 300 Royal Marines, 166 Army, 280 Royal Navy, one cruiser (HMS Coventry), two destroyers (HMS Sikh and Zulu), two Motor Launches, four MTBs and several small craft.” This mission is not mentioned any main World War II lists of actions.



  • The Gypsies by Jan Yoors
  • The Nazi’s Persecution of the Gypsies by Guenter Lewy
  • Gypsies: Their Life, Lore, and Legend by Konrad Bercovici originally from 1928 (I am not convinced he is very knowledgeable) — lib book
  • The Gypsies by Anne Wallace Sharp, from the series Indigenous Peoples of the World, listed as a Juvenile — lib book. This book recommends:
    • Romania from Geography Dept., 1993
    • Gypsies by Harold Greenfeld, 1977
    • The Holocaust by Judy L Hasday, 2002
    • Witnesses to War by Michael Leapman 1998
    • A History of the Gypsies of Eastern Eruope and Russia by David M. Crowe 1994
    • Gypsies, Wanderers of the World by Bart McDowell 1970

Women in the Military

World War I


Things I plan to read for this

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