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(Last update February 23, 2007)

  1. World War II, September 1942, North Africa Campaign - Hitler is winning on all fronts. Rommel took Tobruk in June and pushed the British back into Egypt almost to Alexandria. Even in Russia Hitler seems to be beating the Soviets although they did have a set back the previous winter.
  2. The weather in Britain over the summer of 1942. Only thing I can find is this report that some bad weather stopped the RAF.
  3. 100,000 Italian settlers moved to Libya in the 30 years since Italy had conquered it.
  4. This Italian proverb comes from Wikipedia.
  5. S.I.G.: Special Interrogation Group. A group of mostly Jews who could pass for Germans. Group for formed by Herbert Cecil A. Buck. On their first mission, they were betrayed by a German who had been brought in to train them:
  6. On a mission in June, the S.I.G.s were betrayed by a German soldier who had been hired to train them to act at all times and in all ways like German soldiers. The German had been a member of the French Foreign Legend and Buck was sure he was anti Nazi. But he betrayed the S.I.G.s and caused devastating loses. A second German trainer was thought to be involved and ended up being “shot while trying to escape.” — Tobruk Commando: The Raid to Destroy Rommel’s Base by Gordon Landsborough  Also
  7. There are many ways that the Roma use cards for fortune telling.
  8. Firing more modern versions of mortars (several views):
    Firing the Soviet 82mm mortar


    81mm mortar firing


    Mortar Practice


    Australian Army M113 Gavin 81mm Mortars Firing!



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