Title Suggestions

Current title choice: Warned Against Optimism: September 1942

Also like “Intersection of Warnings”. May use that for another book further on. And the tie between all the books would be to have some version of to warn or warning in all titles. Along with dates.

I started out thinking I wanted

Know Thy Enemy
But now wonder would Know Your Enemy be better?

How about: The Obvious is Not Always the Truth (with all sequels having the word ‘obvious’ and or ‘truth’ in it and a date). I prefer this but it is a little longer The Obvious is Not Necessarily the Truth: September 1942, North Africa

And then sequels like these:

Beware of Believing the Obvious: December 1942, Britain

Truth is Not Always Obvious: March 1943, Europe

Obvious Truths: February 1944, Norway Or Obvious Does Not Equal True

Or “Do Not Mistake the Obvious for the Truth” (which is not listed in Google)

Or “Mistaking the Obvious for the Truth” (which is not listed in Google)

Or “Do Not Mistake the Obvious for the True” (which is not listed in Google)

Or “Mistaking the Obvious for the Truth” (which is not listed in Google)

Later Assuming the Obvious is True

Mistaken Assumptions

Believing the Obvious

Seeing the Obvious instead of the Truth

Struggling Against the Obviou

Mistaken Certainties

Beware of

And then around June 20, I came up with these:

Reliable but Untrue

Unimpeachable Illusions

Illusions of Truth

Distorted Truth

Illegitimate Truths

Perilous Reality

Perilous Illusions

Mysterious Truth

Falso Truths

Overturning World Views

Interprting Relatiy

Truth Storms

Truth Rations

Arid Truths

Misreading Truth

Sands of Truth

Truths Evaprate Apparent Truths

Elements of Truths

The Elements of Truth

Observing Tells

Trusting Observations

Misjudging Truth

Implicit Truths

Shadowy Observations

Shadows of Truth

Limited Truth

Slices of Truth

Confusing Observation

And around the middle of July:

A Fortnight in ‘42: September 10-24, 1942 in North Africa

But also these occurred to me:

Songs and Bullets

Songs among Bullets

But I am no longer sure. If things did work out, I have this story planned as a series going through WW II and later into the 50s in the UN. So, it would be nice if the title could be reworked a little. If I used the one above, it could be worked as other variations on well known phrases like “Know thyself” but am not sure that would work well.

“Chapter Titles”

Chapter One, Day One, beginning: “Between the Devil and the Desert” (a variation on the 1931 song “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”)

Chapter Two, Day One, end - “Heat Wave” (the 1933 song)

Chapter Three, Day Two: “The De-Lovely Italians” (with reference to the Cole Porter song from 1936, “It’s De-Lovely”, discussed in this chapter).

Chapter Four, Day Three - “It Ain’t Necessarily So” (the 1935 song) or “You Turned the Tables on Me” (from 1936)

Future Chapter titles:

Chapter Five, Day Four - Meet Me Tonight on the Battlefield” from “Meet Me tonight in Dreamland” from 1909

Chapter Six, Day Four - “By the Bloody, Deadly, Painful Sea” (variation on “By the Beautiful Sea” from 1914)

Chapter Seven, Day Five, Six & Seven - “Beyond the Blue Horizon” (from 1930) aboard ship

Chapter Eight, Day Eight - “The Lady is a Tramp” (from 1937) Night in France

Chapter Nine, Days Nine through Twelve - “September Song” (from 1938): shipboard boredom

Chapter Ten, Day Thirteen, Fourteen - “Stormy Weather”: the ship sinks

Chapter Eleven, Day Eighteen - “I Concentrate on You” (from 1939): in the hospital with pneumonia

And then

“It’s a Long, Long Way to Tipperary” from 1912 or “By the Beautiful Sea” from 1914 or “No Time on My Hands” (”Time on my Hands” from 1930) or “The Night was made for Battle or War” (from “The Night was made for Love” from 1931) or “Out of Nowhere” (from 1931″) or “Anchors Aweigh” (from 1906) or “Meet Me Tonight on the Battlefield” from “Meet Me tonight in Dreamland” from 1909.

“It Don’t Mean a Thing” (from 1933) aboard ship, another day

“September in the Rain” (from 1937)

“The Lady is a Tramp” (from 1937) Night in France chapter

“September Song” (from 1938)

“Jeepers Creepers” (from 1938) or “Stormy Weather” Chapter where the ship sinks

“Beer Barrel Polka” (from 1939)

“I Concentrate on You” (from 1939) Hospital chapter

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