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War of World“Hitler had made his real views clear to his military commanders on the eve of Barbarossa. ‘The Communist is from first to last no comrade,’ he told them. ‘It is a war of extermination,” In the first weeks of Barbarossa, the Germans summarily executed as many as 600,000 Soviet prisoners. Altogether by the end of the war, over three million Soviet soldiers had died in captivity — more than half the total taken prisoner.

The further east the Nazis advanced the less discriminating their violence became. As for the Jews, the time had come for the logical conclusion of the Nazi’s racial theory. If the Jews really were a species of vermin or virus, then the only definitive and ‘final solution’ of the ‘Jewish question’ would be their eradication.

Other people had committed genocide in the past as Hitler well knew, including some would say Satlin himself. But there was something unique about the Nazi war agains the Jews and against the other minoritues they considered unworthy of life It was the fact that it was carried out by such well-educated people. By the products of what had once been one of the most sophisticated societies in the world.

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