"Tricks to Fool the Search Engines"

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Anyone who thiinks they can fool the search engines with any of the following, has acquired badly out-of-date information that is likely to get their site "blackballed" from several (if not all) search engines (see our page on "How Search Engines Rank Your Site" for information on why search engines work so hard to keep out all the tricks they have ever heard of):
  • How about hidden words on a page (text that is the same color as the background)?
    • Don't do it. Not only will search engines see what you are doing and ignore the words, they will likely ban you from the database.
  • How about submitting constantly?
    • The search engines don't like it and what the search engines don't like, they will find a way to punish. However, for the time being Google is saying that they do not punish this.
  • How about about putting really popular terms (like "sex" or brand names) in the keyword meta tag?
    • Because of people doing this, most search engines won't pay any attention to the keyword meta tag any longer. Only Alta Vista and Inktomi notice this tag at all anymore.
    • And if the search engines notice that you have done this, it is likely to get you permanently banned!
  • How about doorway pages aimed at keywords for each search engine.
    • The search engine algorithms can now tell a doorway page from a regular page in the site.
    • It is better to create a page about each keyword subject and that page would naturally be full of content about the subject and likewise full of keywords.
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