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After Going Live
  1. Pay attention to your web site statistics & reports after about six weeks. Then every few months do a Web Position report on your site using the three most important keywords you have chosen.
    • Your hosting company should provide periodic reports on how many unique visitors come to your site, how many pages an average visitor goes to, how many visitors go to each of your pages and where these visitors come from.
  2. Use an automated program like the Windows program Web Position Gold that can report where your site is listed in the major search engines — but don't bother checking for at least two months.
    Special tip: Do not query Google (which has been known to punish the IP addresses that use an automated program to query its database), query AOL instead. AOL uses Google so you can get your ranking for Google without ever annoying Google.
    • Compare your results with your website statistics/reports as you will often be getting traffic from search engines even though you don't come up well under the keyword phrases you are emphasizing. Check to see what other phrases people are finding you under.
    • These monitoring methods allow you to judge the effectiveness of your current promotion and indicate where you are not appearing. From there an experienced promoter can decide what changes need to be made to the site before making new submissions.
      • If you aren't appearing well in any search engine, then changes need to be done to your title, description meta tag and the text on the page.
      • If you are appearing well in one or more search engines but not at all well in others, you need to consider the trade-offs you might have to make if you make changes to the site since that may drop your listing in other search engines where you are doing well. Your site will never be Number 1 everywhere! (The different algorithms of the search engines just about preclude that possibility.)
      • When you make changes wait two months before doing another Web Position Report --- otherwise you may be changing again before you see what the latest round really did.

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