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Before Designing a Website
  1. Decide to make a link page.
    • Put it in your navigation (call it "Resources").
    • This page should be organized and it should provide a little description as well as a link to outside sources. Find sites in your field that are not in direct competition with you but provide useful additional information on subjects your viewers may be interested in. Use keywords in the text links you have to them.
    And maybe Frequently Asked Questions Page
    • Think about the questions you get asked a lot by your customers. Answer them on your site thus providing a service and maybe saving you the time of answering the same questions in person or on the phone quite as much.
    • Use your keyword phrases often in this page. Also use synonyms in the form of questions like, "Is X the same as Y?" and "What's the difference between X and Y?"

    And consider a site search.
    • A site search allows your viewers to search your site for the information they are looking for.
    • A good one will tell you what they searched for which will allow you to add information that you discover your viewers really want to know and expect you to have. They may also be asking the general search engines for this same information and adding this to your site will allow more people to find you.
    • Many site searches will also check for internal broken links.
After Going Live
  1. Go through the list of other web sites that are not direct competitors but are in the same general field as your site, that you have put on your link page. Continue the process from now on of adding interesting sites to your page.
    • Now notify them via email that you have linked to them and ask if they will please link back to your site. Give them the name of your site that includes the keywords in the title of your home page and give them your home page url.
    • But don't neglect the real purpose of your "Resources" page and that is to help your target audience find what they want as quickly and easily as possible when they aren't looking for what you offer now (gratitude actually works: I buy my tires from a place that fixes any tires for free).

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