13 Lucky Steps

Step 7

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Before Going Live
  1. Make sure your website address (url) and your email address (using your domain name) are on all material your company sends out or advertising it buys.
    • Anything that has your phone number or physical address on it should have your url and an email address as well:
      • Stationary
      • Business cards
      • Mailing labels
      • Yellow pages and other ads
    • Also see if you can have your "Reply To" and "From" addresses in your email reflect your domain name address & not AOL, etc. (Use even if that forwards to bewarne@aol or something else)
    • And make a signature file for your email. Something like:
      B. E. Warne
      Helping Businesses Develop & Prosper Online
      [phone#], Fax: [fax#]
      [street address]
      • Maximum is 5 lines with 5 words per line or so.
      • If your email program won't allow for a signature file, get a program which will OR cut and past a signature file into everything you send out that is related to the field your company is in.
    Special tip: If you use the "http://" before your url in your signature file (as above), the address will become a link directly from most email programs.

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